JDK Management Co.

Accounting Services


Financial Statement Preparation

JDK Management provides financial statement preparation for a wide variety of businesses.


Bookkeeping Services

Recording financial transactions can be a laborious and repetitive task, we can make recording purchases, sales, receipts and payments simplified and pain free

Forecasts & Projections

At JDK Management we can provide you with projections and forecasts, prepared with cutting edge enterprise software.

Bank Reconciliation

Along with our bookkeeping services we are able to provide top notch and hassle free bank reconciliation services to all of our managed businesses.

Cash Flow, Operating Expense, and Budget Analysis

Help produce current and future cash flow and compare operating expenses to budgets. Will also prepare budgets for proformas.

Accounting Information System Implementation

At JDK we implement proven systems for payroll, point of sale, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.